At stoltofsweden we all grew up with a pair of skis on our feet – we have always loved the adventure and the thrill downhill skiing has brought us. We also felt the need to take it to the next level, this is why we created our BootSki. The worlds shortest ski !This product fits any DIN type of ski boot and is the perfect addition to your ski gear to alternate your experience in the slopes. The BootSki is simplistic but still carefully through with design, function and flexibility at the core to give you as a user the optimal experience. Hence the Swedish word Stolt (proud) we put quality and feeling first and with BootSki we want you to be able to experience and vary the downhill skiing in a way you never could before. Our vision is to contribute to a future where we and our children can continue to enjoy our lifestyle that we at stoltofsweden and so many others love, with snowy and cold winters. Now in a different way using BootSki. It’s never been easier to bring your skis to the slopes !